Friday 21 March 2014

Collection Deluxe lipstick

As I mentioned in my spring lipsticks post, I am not one to wear lip products everyday. It's coming into spring/summer time though, so I thought I would try some new lipsticks!
I saw the Collection Deluxe lipsticks on a blog, so decided to try one myself. I picked up the colour Speakeasy, which is a true, bright pink. I'm not one for bright lipsticks at all, especially pinks so I'm not sure why I chose this one!
On my hand, it does look slightly red, however on my lips it really is a pure, bright pink. I have tried dabbing it to sheer it out a little, however the lipstick still remains a true pink and slightly too bright for me. I think I will try and wear this a bit more in the brighter months, however it's definitely not my kind of colour!
The texture of this lipstick is so smooth and creamy, so I may try another colour from the range.
These retail at £3.99 each which is pretty good!
What's your favourite drugstore lipstick?



  1. This shade looks pretty lovely! I always do this, I pick up colours I don't wear just to try use them. At least you did it with collection whereas I have two coral Ysl's that I just don't wear!

    Katy xx

  2. This lipstick looks really nice but I'm quite similar - I'm always picking up bright colours because I love the look of them but then I don't wear them, I still to nudes or 'your lips but better' colours. I'm loving your blog so much recently by the way! x

  3. ive heard a lot about these from other bloggers and they seem awesome! i really like the colour and at £3.99 you cant go wrong haha

  4. will have to try some of these lipsticks out!


  5. The pigment and colour is so nice! Not sure I'm brave enough though yet!
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