Sunday 9 February 2014

My daily makeup

I love reading everyday makeup posts, as I find it nice to see which products people rely on daily. I don't wear exactly the same makeup every single day. My foundation may change depending on how my skin is, or my lip colour may change, however these products are what I have been using a lot lately.
My skin can be quite oily, so I find a primer really helps. I stopped using one for a while, however I tried this Maybelline Baby Skin one and have been using it daily!
I then follow with my new Liz Earle Signature foundation. I haven't had this for very long at all, so am still testing it out. I will write a full review once I have been using it for longer.
My concealers may come as no surprise to you! I use the Seventeen Paint underneath my eyes and Collection Lasting Perfection on any redness or blemishes. I love these two concealers and know I can rely on them everyday.
I use my Rimmel Stay Matte powder, which I concentrate on my t-zone and then dust a little on my cheeks. This does a brilliant job at controlling my oily nose, but without making my skin look dull.
Lastly for face is highlighter and bronzer. I haven't been wearing blush on a daily basis, as I find the shades from my Dior Nude bronzer add enough colour into my skin. The Soap and Glory Glow All Out is a new product to me which you may have seen in my Products I'm trying: February post.
On a daily basis, I don't tend to wear eye shadow. I like wearing a thin line of eyeliner and some mascara. The Eyeko Skinny eyeliner is new to be and I am really enjoying testing this out. I find it so easy to control the line and make it nice and neat. For mascara I have been loving my L'Oreal Miss Manga.
I love having defined eyebrows, however on a daily basis I don't always have time to be filling them in. I find the Maybelline Browdrama a fantastic product. It actually leaves my eyebrows looking filled in and defined.
Finally for lips, I have been wearing my Maybelline Baby Lips. I get quite dry lips, so tinted lip balms are perfect for me and I have been loving this one!
Those are all the products I use on a daily basis. Let me know your everyday makeup products!



  1. jealous of that dior bronzer! lovely choice of products, the glow all out powder is the only highlighter i use as its so natural

    Katy xx

  2. think im going to do this post soon! really wanna try that soap and glory highlighter. :)

  3. I've been obsessed with Maybelline Pink Punch lately - wearing it now! :)


  4. I really wanna try the brow drama gel. Been on the hunt for a good affordable one.

    The Caribbean Flower

  5. Really wish I could get my hands on the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but I don't think it's available here in the US! I really like your simple makeup routine though!

  6. This is the second time I've seen that L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara - by the packaging it looks like they're trying to compete with Maybelline's younger market :) nice bright coloured look to it!
    Glad to hear it works well too! Great post!

    Cachoo Joo

  7. I really want to try Maybelline's Bow drama as I've never done anything with my brows before and this looks like a good place to start but I'm really not sure which colour to go for!

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  8. Great selection of products, I need to try that mascara it sounds amazing <3


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