Tuesday 18 February 2014

Blog: Growing your blog

My first post in this little series was on starting a blog, so today's is going to be about growing your blog. Your blog will not grow overnight and it does take some time for people to discover it, so here are my tips for getting a bit more exposure.

Social media

I mentioned in my first post that it is a good idea to secure social media accounts all with the same name. I think social media is one of the best ways to let more people know about your blog, and also find new blogs to read yourself.

Twitter is my favourite and a brilliant social media platform. Regularly throughout the week there are Twitter chats, which I would highly recommend getting involved in. Every Wednesday and Sunday evenings there is a beauty blogger chat, plus there are ones for fashion, lifestyle and lots of other bloggers!

It is also a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and PR companies. You are able to chat with people from all over the world which is amazing! Socialising and staying active on social media accounts is great, as other bloggers can talk to you, ask you questions and I have made some lovely friends through blogging!

Commenting on other peoples blog posts and replying to comments left on your own is a nice thing to do. I always try and comment on other bloggers posts if I have really enjoyed reading it. Please avoid comments such as, 'Follow me and I will follow you' or any fake compliments. Just comment if you have genuinely enjoyed the post, as it's nice to let people know that their blog is amazing and enjoyable.

If people ask me questions in the comments, I will always try and reply to them. I read all of my blog post comments and they make me so happy.

Advertising on other blogs is a good way to gain more exposure for your own blog. Lots of bloggers offer advertising, which can include anything from having your button in their sidebar, to having a post written about your blog and tweets promoting it. I love advertising on other peoples blogs, as there are always some lovely new followers that say hello to me which I love. If you would like to get an idea of what advertising can include, I have a page dedicated to it here.
I hope you have enjoyed this post. My third one will be up soon! Please leave in the comments your top tips for growing a blog.


  1. Ugh I totally agree. I hate it when people comment saying 'follow me back', it's so obvious they've just copied and pasted the same blurb onto your latest post. I follow hundreds of blogs on bloglovin and I can honestly say I try and read as many as I can! I like this blogging series of posts girl.
    Chloe @ The Little Plum UK Fashion Blog

  2. I love these kind of posts, something a little different and always a good read!

    Becka | This Is My World

  3. Great advice! Ive been blogging almost 2 years and its taken me this long just to understand everything blogging related! Nothing happens overnight, take your time and work hard and you'd be surprised at the results!

    Holly - www.hollysbeautybox.co.uk xx

  4. Love this, trying to establish my own blog and this is exactly what I needed. X

  5. Lovely tips :) Still yet to join twitter for my blog!
    kathrynscupcakes.blogspot.com xx

  6. Thanks, great tips! I started blogging on and off a few years ago but I am just getting back in to blogging and hoping to put lots more time and effort in to my blog! Progress is slow but that's ok because I just enjoy doing it :) x

    Tiny Tania Talks

  7. Hi Doll, Really great tips! I only started my blog two weeks ago and this helps ALOT :)
    Dani xo

  8. this was really a helpful read-thanks!

  9. Such a helpful blog as usual! Love reading your things as it really helps me with my blogging! Thank you :)


  10. This is such a good blog topic, can't wait for the next instalment x


  11. I really enjoyed the tips!! I started a blog a month ago and i'm still getting used to the "blogging world"... if you are interested, go check it out and feel free to leave a nice comment of one of my posts :)


  12. Thank you for these tips...I have been writing my blog for nearly a year & have had 17,000 views...I don't know if this is good or not as I don't have many blogging friends. Also my blog is a bit different...it's not a beauty, lifestyle, product review blog which is most of the blogs I read. It's a POSITIVE blog about my fight with CANCER. I am glad you shared these tips and would love to get more involved in the twitter world of blogging. Thank you :) Elisha x


  13. I'm a new blogger and this was really helpful - thank you
    Grace x


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