Friday 7 February 2014

Makeup brushes: Foundation

I think it's really important to own good quality makeup brushes, as I find it makes a difference to how well my makeup applies and lasts. The other day I showed you my powder brushes and today I am going to show you my foundation brushes.

Foundation brushes are my favourite to buy and I love trying different types!

Starting with flat foundation brushes, I have these five to tell you about.

The two on the left are basically the same! The Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush and Benefit Foundation Brush are what I would call 'traditional' foundation brushes. They apply foundation in a sweeping motion, which isn't my favourite, however with certain foundation types they work best.

The NO7 Foundation Brush is a lot thicker than the other two. It's quite fat which I really like, as it allows me to buff the foundation in better. It also gets foundation on a little quicker because it's that slight bit bigger.

My Crown Deluxe Foundation Brush is the newest edition to my foundation brushes! It's duo ended as the other end is a concealer brush. Tomorrow I am writing a full post on my Crown brushes, so pop back tomorrow if you would like to know more about this brush!

The final brush in the photo is my Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush from their Core Collection. I personally find this too small for foundation, so instead I sometimes use it to pat concealer around my nose. I don't feel the need to use a brush for concealer very often, so this one doesn't get used a lot.

My MAC 187 is a brush I used to love for foundation, however I don't tend to use it as much lately. I used to use it regularly with my MAC studio sculpt foundation as I found they worked very well together. I don't use that foundation anymore though, and haven't found another foundation this works as well with.
A while ago I posted about my Zoeva brushes. The buffer brush is one I don't use very often now. I used it more when I first bought it, however I have discovered that I prefer a rounder top rather than a flat top! I also have a petite Zoeva brush. If I use this, I don't tend to use it for foundation. I do find it buffs it in nicely though and because it's small, it applies foundation nicely around the nose.
One of my most regularly used brushes is my foundation brush from the Crown HD Set. This is small, so takes a little longer for application but I find it leaves a very nice, flawless finish. I tend to use this with my Laura Mercier Silk Crème foundation, as I find the consistency works nicely with this brush. 
Other brushes I use very frequently are definitely the Real Technique Buffing Brush and the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (not photographed). I find these work great with lots of different foundation textures and I have used the buffing brush for liquid and compact foundations.

I also have the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (not photographed) which I like for thinner, liquid foundations. I rarely use this for foundation though, as I find it works nicely with cream blushes. The design of the brush means it distributes the blusher a perfect amount and in the place you want it!
I would love to know your favourite foundation brushes.


  1. I would use the Mac 187 to apply cream blush maybe? That way you get a nice, light application. x

    The Caribbean Flower

  2. my fav is sigma f80 , f82 and real techniques buffing brush :)

  3. I have a bit of an obsession with makeup brushes, I may have to try the benefit foundation brush


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