Saturday 8 February 2014

Crown makeup brushes

I bought the Crown HD set a while ago and absolutely fell in love with it. It comes with 6 brushes (the powder brush is not photographed above) which are all absolutely incredible to use.
I received some other Crown brushes last week and I really wanted to show them to you because I think Crown may now be my favourite brush brand!

I received a range of brushes which I have been enjoying using. 
I have been using the Duo Face brush* for bronzer and it has been incredible! I haven't used a duo-fibre brush for bronzer before. This distributes the powder so well, whilst also blending it in. As it is duo-fibre, it also doesn't pack too much product onto my face at once, which is brilliant as I am quite pale so have to be light handed with bronzer! It is extremely soft, fluffy and light on the skin.
The Mini Blender* is duo-fibre and the same shape as the duo face brush, just a mini one! I find it to be a little more dense which I like, as I have been using it for highlighter. It's very good at patting the highlighter onto my cheekbones and blending it out.

The Deluxe Foundation brush* is the first double ended brush I own. I have actually been using the concealer brush daily which is unlike me, as I always use my fingers for concealer! The foundation brush is lovely, soft and smooth's foundation on without leaving any lines. I then use the concealer end to pat concealer under my eyes and blend it onto any blemishes.

My Blending Fluffy * looks fairly similar to a Mac 217, however I find this a lot more dense and less fluffy. This makes it very good at packing eye shadow onto the eyelids, which is what I have been using it for. The shape is perfect for using all over the eyelid and it feels nice and gentle.
The Deluxe Crease brush* may be my favourite eye shadow brush! It is so soft and fluffy which I have found perfect for blending eye shadow. I like my eye shadow to be very blended, so need a very soft, light brush to do this. Otherwise if I am blending for a while, my eyelid can become sore if the brush is too hard. This is the perfect blending brush and is the perfect size to fit in the crease.
I haven't used the Angle Liner brush* yet, as I already own quite a few. I may start using this for applying powder to my eyebrows, as the brush I currently use is quite fat, so I can't create a defined line. This is very soft for a liner brush, so I am excited to try it!
I would love to know your favourite brushes and if you have any Crown brushes you would recommend.


  1. I really like crowns blending fluffy brush, one of my faves! x

  2. These brushes look really good

    Anna-Maria |

  3. Great post, I may have to try these brushes out

  4. I really like the look of these, the duo face brush looks amazing x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. I really want to try Crown brush they sound amazing. I love using a duo fibre brush for my cream bronzer it blends cream products so perfectly

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  6. Ive been hearing loads of good things about these and they seem such good value

  7. This post was really useful thanks :) I'm currently looking into buying some more make up brushes, however I'm having trouble choosing where to buy them from. Crown brushes sound really good.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  8. Those brushes look absolutely amazing!

    The Caribbean Flower

  9. Just found your blog and I love it!

    I really want more crown brushes, they're such great quality for the price.


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