Wednesday 19 February 2014

Love Me Beauty: February edition

I used to receive Glossybox every month, however I stopped a while ago because lots of the products weren't that great for me. I have seen a few reviews on the Love Me Beauty box, so thought I would try it! Something I love about this, is you can actually see the products before you buy the box. There is a choice between 3 boxes where you can see the products, or a mystery box! Each box will contain 4-5 products, with 1-2 of those being full-size and the others being travel-sized.
The only thing that disappointed me slightly about this, is there isn't actually a box! The products are just in a cardboard posting box lined with tissue paper! It's good because it will save waste, however I was expecting a nice box like other beauty box brands provide.

In my February box, I received a full-size Percy and Reed dry conditioner, Beautify Me vitamin complex and Bakewell Soap Company multi-purpose pocket balm. My sample products were La Claree smooth day face care and a Murad tonic, which was my mystery product.
I am excited to try these products and will review some of them once I have! The multi-purpose balm smells amazing, so I'm definitely going to use this soon. I've heard good things about Percy and Reed as a brand, plus I love trying new hair products.
Have you tried any beauty boxes? I am tempted to try Birchbox, so please let me know if you have tried that one.


  1. I like how your guaranteed 1-2 full sized products and that you can see a few boxes in advance. I have always liked the idea of these boxes but I never know which one to go for! I quite like that it doesn't come in a special box other wise I would just hoard them!

  2. I am never sure about taking supplements, probably the only thing in the box I wouldn't want to try x

  3. Ohhhh what a lovely box of goodies! I've tried those 'Inner Me' supplements before for strengthening my hair and as weird as it sounds, I think they worked! After a week weeks my hair was definitely shinier and prone to less split ends :)

    Claire xo

  4. I have this every month and the great thing is that the box can go straight in the recycling :-) I've put the multi purpose balm straight in my handbag - it smells divine! So hydrating too xx

  5. This looks like such a cute box, I really want to try some of the percy and reed products

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