Wednesday 16 May 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

I discovered Real Techniques brushes by watching Pixiwoo use them in their makeup tutorials on youtube. They looked really nice so I was excited to try them. 

I decided to purchase the Core Collection as it contains four brushes which I thought I would use a lot. These are a buffing brush, a contour brush, a foundation brush and a detailer brush. 
L-R: Buffing brush, Contour brush, Foundation brush, Detailer brush

This stand/case also comes with the brushes which is nice. It has about seven slots for brushes and you can have it as a stand, or you can fold it the other way and it becomes a brush case. I rarely use this to stand my brushes in, but when I am travelling I really like using it as a case to keep some brushes in.

The buffing brush is my favourite from this collection. It quickly became my everyday foundation brush as it gives a really flawless finish and it is so soft for buffing around the face.
I am considering doing a blog post on my foundation brushes and my favourite ones to use for different foundations, so please let me know if you would be interested in that!

The contour brush is the perfect shape to contour and highlight. The shape of this brush makes it easy to apply the product and then blend it flawlessly. As with the others, it is so soft and fluffy.

The foundation brush is pointed and quite small so I prefer to use it for applying my under eye concealer. It is a great shape for under the eyes as it is pointed so you can get the concealer right into the corners. This also makes it good to use around the nose. I have used this brush everyday since I got it.

Finally, the detailer brush is the only brush that I don't use on a regular basis. I use it to apply my lipstick as I found it is the perfect shape and size. Usually when I wear lipstick I just apply it directly to my lips, but when I want a more precise finish, this brush is really good.

Real Techniques brushes are available in Boots stores. Click here to see where else these are available.


  1. I'm in love with the buffer brush


    1. I love the buffer brush! It's my favourite from this collection :)

  2. You should have a look at iHerb!!! They're very very cheap there :) I'm gonna buy mine from there:)


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