Tuesday 22 May 2012

Favourite Foundation Brushes

I mentioned in my Real Techniques post that I would talk about my favourite foundation brushes to use for different types of foundation. I have 5 different foundation brushes that I am going to talk about which are the Real Techniques Buffing brush, Real Techniques Stippling brush, Ecotools foundation brush, No7 foundation brush and Mac 187 duo fibre brush.

The Real Techniques buffing brush is my favourite to use for liquid foundations that are quite thin and light. It buffs foundation on really nicely and leaves a flawless finish. The bristles are really soft and make it easy to buff foundation into the corners of the nose and it leaves a streak free finish as I find that thin foundation can sometimes look a bit streaky if applied in strokes. I don't tend to use this for thicker, creamier foundations as I don't find it buffs them in as nicely as other brushes but I absolutely adore it for thinner foundations. I use this for my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. This brush is available in the Real Techniques Core Collection from Boots for £21.99 and other sites which are here. I have a review on the Real Techniques Core Collection which you can read here.

The stippling brush is my favourite for any consistency of liquid foundation. It works really well for slightly thicker foundations such as Rimmel Wake Me Up. It also works nicely on thinner, runnier foundations like my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. I don't use this for thick, moussey or creamy foundations as I don't find it is dense enough to buff them in flawlessly. This brush leaves a perfect, flawless finish when I use it with liquid foundations with no lines or streaks. It blends foundation seamlessly and so easy. This brush is available from Boots for £11.99 and other sites which are here.

Ecotools foundation brush is a traditional foundation brush which means it isn't as good to buff foundation into the skin using circular motions - it works best at smoothing foundation onto the skin in strokes. I really like this brush for a variety of foundations though. I don't often use it for very runny foundation, however I do like it for thicker consistency foundations and also cream foundations. This brush is available from Boots for £7.99.

My No7 foundation brush is a traditional shape foundation brush, however it is slightly thicker than the average foundation brush meaning it can be used in circular buffing and blending motions as well as sweeping  motions to apply foundation. I use this brush for most consistency foundations - cream and liquid, thin and thicker.

This was the first foundation brush I bought and to use with my Mac Studio Sculpt foundation and I did really like it for this. I only use this for thick, creamy foundation like the Mac one and I find it works well, however it definitely isn't one that I reach for very often. It is duo fibre, like the Real Techniques Stippling brush so if I want a brush like that I will reach for that one over this. I find the the bristles are not very compact so when I apply foundation I cannot be very precise as the bristles just spread out. It is an okay brush, but I have others that I prefer and tend to reach for over this. On a side note, I really like using this to apply bronzer over my face as because the bristles are not dense, it doesn't apply too much and it applies the bronzer quickly as it is quite a big brush. This brush is available from Mac for £32.50.

What are you're favourite foundation brushes?

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