Thursday 24 May 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara

The other day I went to the Benefit counter and the makeup artist used this mascara on my eyelashes, but I already had mascara on so I wasn't expecting it to make much of a difference. She put this mascara on one eye and the difference was amazing so I bought it! The next day I was really excited to try it to see how it looked when I didn't have another mascara on already. It gave my lashes everything - length, volume, curl and separated them really nicely. One coat of this is enough for me to achieve the 'false lash' effect however even with two coats, I don't find it goes clumpy. This mascara is gel-based which means that it won't dry out. It last all day on my upper and lower eyelashes without smudging. The bristles on the brush extend right to the tip of the brush which makes it great the get into the inner corners and for the lower lashes. 

The lady was telling me this is the UK number one best selling mascara and I can understand why! 

This mascara is available here for £18.50.

This is my new everyday mascara. What's your favourite mascara?

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