Friday 11 May 2012

Olay Complete Care Day Lotion

I was on the hunt for a new moisturiser and when I was reading through all the 'best beauty buys of 2011' earlier this year, I noticed this moisturiser just kept coming up. It's the Olay Complete Care Day Lotion SPF 30 for normal/dry/combination skin. I decided to get this moisturiser as it isn't that expensive and it came up a lot in the best beauty buys, so I thought it was worth a try!

This moisturiser claims to give the skin everything it needs to help maintain and improve the look of skin. It helps keep skin hydrated for up to 8 hours, protects up to 97% of the suns harmful rays and contains vitamins B2, B3 and B5.

Just to let you know, my skin gets slightly oily around my nose and chin and the rest of my face is normal apart from the occasional dry patch on my cheeks.

I have been using this every morning for about one month now and I absolutely love it! It is so moisturising and hydrating, yet it absorbs nice and quickly. It doesn't leave any greasy residue. I apply it and can apply my makeup pretty much immediately after. It's a lotion, therefore it's not really thick. Any dry patches on my face have completely gone after I used this for about a week which I'm really happy with. I would really recommend this cream. I says it is suitable for normal, combination and dry skin.

Olay complete care day lotion is available from Boots for £10.

What is your best beauty product? And what is your favourite face cream?

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