Thursday 31 May 2012

Clarins Fathers Day Gift Set

Clarins bring out gift sets for different occasions and I was really excited for this years Fathers day set to come out. I had spoken to the Clarins lady a few weeks ago and she told me the products that would be in the gift set and I knew I wanted to get it for my dad. A few months ago I gave him some samples of the products to check he liked them and he did.

It contains a full size 125ml of their new exfoliating cleanser 2 in 1 product which was only released last week. It contains 50ml of super moisture balm, 30ml of shampoo and shower gel in one, 5ml of fatigue fighter energizing gel, 50ml of smooth shave foaming gel and this all comes in a lovely toiletry bag. I thought this was great as the set only costs £34. 

The exfoliating cleanser is a cleansing gel that refreshes the skin and helps get rid of any impurities to make the skin look healthier and less dull.

The super moisture balm is used in the morning and the evening which is good as some men may not want too many products. This means they only need one moisturiser for morning and evening. It helps moisturise, protect and hydrate skin.

The shampoo and shower wash cleanses skin and hair. It can be used in the morning and evening and is good for sensitive skin.

The fatigue fighter is a great refresher and revives stressed or dull skin.

The smooth shave gel soothes and energizes skin and makes shaving a lot easier and comfortable.

This set is available here for £34.

Hopefully this post has helped you if you didn't know what to buy you dad for Fathers day or wanted more information on the Clarins gift set.

What are you buying your dad for Fathers day this year?

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