Friday 18 May 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Hair Review

The John Frieda Full Repair line is a hair care line that repairs damaged hair. I was excited to try this line as I have fairly thick, damaged and very dry hair due to the fact that I regularly blow dry, straighten and curl my hair! The products I bought were the full body shampoo and the deep conditioner. I have been using these products for just over 10 weeks now so I thought I would tell you my thoughts on them.

I was using both these products together and I noticed a massive change in my hair very quickly. My hair became soft, smooth, had less breakage and felt hydrated. It was a lot more manageable and was significantly less dry. I was so happy and my hair was moisturised and full of body. I used up the conditioner before the shampoo so for a couple of washes I was using the John Frieda full body shampoo but with a different brand conditioner and I quickly noticed that my hair started to become dry again and definitely felt less hydrated and less soft. This showed that the John Frieda deep conditioner was definitely the source of my soft, smooth, frizz free hair. 

Once when I washed my hair I decided to use a different shampoo with the John Frieda deep conditioner to see how different my hair felt. After this my hair definitely had more breakage when I combed through it and it had less body and volume. This showed that the shampoo definitely helped repair my hair and prevent breakage.

These two products are the best shampoo and conditioner I have used and have definitely repaired my hair and made it soft, smooth, full of body and reduced the breakage. I would recommend giving these a try if your hair is damaged and if you regularly use heat on it.

What are your favourite hair care products?


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