Sunday 26 January 2014

Products for your skintone

I have very pale skin and I often find it difficult to find foundations to match me. Alot of brands don't seem to go pale enough for me and if they do, it's usually the wrong tone! I thought this would be a great post to help you find out your skintone and there is some brilliant advice.

House of Fraser have collaborated with me on this post and have put together some top tips for identifying your skintone and what shades will help to bring out your features.

First of all, Betzy Carmona from Betzy’s Makeup top tip on identifying your skintone.

‘I think in order to pick the right foundation knowing your skintone is a must. The easiest way to determine your skin undertone is to do the "vein test". Stand by natural day light and see if your wrist veins are blue or green. If they are blue you are cool toned, and if they happen to be green you are warm toned.’ 

Apparently, anyone with warm undertones tends to have red or brown hair with brown, hazel or green eyes. Although, blondes can still be warm toned! The recommended shades are warm, earthly shades with a yellow based foundation and a peachy blush. 

Elle Woo from Lipstick and Lace has warm undertones and says why she thinks it is important to get your pallet right:

‘Your skintone is possibly one of the most important things to know when it comes to purchasing makeup. The easiest way to determine your skin’s undertones is to ask a representative at the counter to assess your tone for you. My favourite product for my type of skintone is the Urban Decay Naked Palette because it has all the warm toned shadows I could ever need on a daily basis. I love putting on eye makeup; my eyes are one of my favourite features of my face to highlight so I always enjoy applying eyeshadow, liner and mascara.’

People with a cool undertone can have blonde, dark brown or black hair. They can be pale skinned and have blue, grey, green or black eyes. I am cool toned as I have brown hair, am very pale and have green/blue eyes. Cool skintones suit jewel tones with a pinkish blush. Again, this can vary between the individual so don’t worry if you don’t fit into this description!

Hannah Sayers from Love Life and Makeup gave us her thoughts:

‘It is so important to know your skintone, as not only will you be able to pick better hair, clothing, and makeup colours to suit you, but you will also be able to look after your skin better. There are a few different ways of finding your skintone and a few simple rules can help to determine it, but there are of course always exceptions to any rule. If you tan easily and don’t burn your skintone is more likely to have a yellow undertone. Whereas, if you do burn easily and don’t tan you are more likely to have a pink undertone. I am cooled toned. I’m very pale, I burn easily, and I have pink undertones to my skin. However don’t be mistaken if you suffer with rosacea or red flushes, that does not mean you have a pink tone that’s a separate skin concern. Benefit Highbeam is a beautiful highlight for cool tones; it’s a pink toned liquid highlight which is amazing. I use a small amount on my cheek and brow bone, cupids bow and close to the inner eye to make my eyes appear bigger.’

I like using Benefit Highbeam. I haven't used it in a while, so Hannah has just reminded me I may want to find it and start using it again! The shade of it really suits my skin-tone and it is generally a lovely product to use.


If your vein test showed you have a mixture between blue and green undertones, this can mean that you have a neutral skintone. Having a neutral skin tone means that you suit both warm and cool shades, giving you the best of both! You could have mixture between any hair and eye colour, although, matching your foundation may be a little trickier!

Therefore, Zoe from Zoe New Love has given her advice for matching foundations for neutral skintones:

‘It’s important to know your skin tone otherwise you will end up buying the wrong foundation for your skin. If you choose the wrong foundation, your skin will end up looking ashy and dull. Yes, it may match your skin, but if it doesn’t match your undertone you will end up looking like you are wearing a mud mask. I have a neutral skintone, but I sway to wearing warmer tones. When trying on a new foundation, always remove any make-up you may already be wearing first, and test it not just on your jawline, but on your neck and by the side of your nose too. The jawline will match the foundation to your skin, but you want to make sure it will blend well into your neck too!’

I hope you have found this post useful. I find when my foundation matches me not only in shade, but in tone, my skin looks a lot healthier and more natural.

- Collaboration with House of Fraser -

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