Friday 31 May 2013

Benefit Stay Flawless Event

Hello! On Wednesday I was kindly invited to Benefit's Stay Flawless event which was so fun. I met Natalie beforehand so we arrived together and it was an amazing evening! My bus from the train station was so late and then we had to speed walk to the restaurant in the rain, trying to follow Natalie's phone map! Haha but we arrived at the restaurant and it was lovely!

I thought I would show you some of the photos I took from the event! The food was delicious and we were all given fantastic goody bags too with a Hello Flawless foundation, Stay Flawless primer and a foundation brush!

I am going to start using my Stay Flawless primer so definitely expect a review up within the next couple of weeks!

I hope you are all having a lovely day :) I would love to know what you have all been up to recently!

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Meet My Advertisers | May

Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today I am going to introduce you to my May advertisers. You will remember a few of them from last month and there are also a few new, fantastic blogs advertising with me! I hope you enjoy finding some new blogs to read and make sure you pop over and say hello to them!

If you would like to advertise with me next month then you can click here for more information :)

Albertine advertised on my blog last month and I am so glad she is here again! Her blog is truly fantastic :) There is such a range of posts so there is sure to be something for everyone! I really enjoy sitting down and having a nice long read through her blog and I always end up with new products on my wishlist! Albertine is actually blogging everyday throughout May which I think is fab so make sure you go and have a read! I love that even though she is posting everyday, her blog posts are all still so interesting, detailed and fantastic quality :)

Liv also advertised with me last month so I'm hoping you know her! I love having a long read through her blog as I feel we both have similar taste in beauty and fashion, so it's great reading which products she recommends! Liv's photos are all fantastic and lately she has been photographing products outside in the sun which I love :) Some of her posts are quite long, but I love that as they are so easy to read and she goes into so much detail which makes them so interesting and helpful to read! I would definitely recommend sitting down with a cup of tea as once you start to read her blog, you will want to read it all!

Bolly's blog is a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. She has quite a lot of lifestyle, personal posts which I really like as you really feel like you are getting to know her! Recently she posted an advice post on how to help dry lips which is fab and I am definitely going to be trying some of the tips she suggested :) Her posts are interesting and she has some really good advice!

Nicola advertised with me last month and I really love her blog! Her posts always include lots of photos which is great as you get to see the product in detail :) Lately she has posted quite a few nail polish posts which I really enjoy reading! I tend to get stuck in quite a rut with nail polish so it's great to see her collections and discover some new ones! Nicola is a lovely girl and it really comes through in the way she writes :)

Beca's blog has a range of beauty and lifestyle posts and I really enjoy reading them all! Lately she wrote a 'Life is too short' post with some quotes which I loved reading as I love quotes :) This blog is truly fantasic and I love reading it! She swatches everything that she reviews and her posts are incredibly detailed and honest! Beca also has a blog sale currently with some fab bits and bobs left, so definitely have a look at that :)

Becki's blog posts tend to be quite long which is lovely as I feel her personality really shines through in them :)  The way she writes is lovely and makes it so easy and enjoyable to read her blog! Her photos are edited so they all look really pretty and unique! I love sitting down and having a nice long read of her blog as her posts are all such a joy to read :)

Those are all of my May advertisers! I hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope you enjoy these lovely blogs :) I am so glad I have found them as I love them all!

If you would be interested in advertising with me in June then please click here to see the packages available :)

Sunday 12 May 2013

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush

Hello! Lately I have been using cream blushes everyday instead of powder. I reviewed my Stila Convertible Colour a while ago and since then I have been on the hunt for some more!

The other week in Newquay I bought the Max Factor Creamy Blush which I have been using almost every single day since!

I bought this in the colour Soft Pink which is honestly the most gorgeous, pretty blush colour I own! It leaves my cheeks looking healthy, natural and glowing. I love that I can apply a little bit for a very sheer, glowing flush of pink. I can also build it up to a stronger pink that is still very natural and glowing! 

I did go a little over board the other day and at work I noticed my cheeks looked very pink! I just blended them out a little with my fingers though and they were fine :) That's what happens when I do my makeup at 6.30am!

This also blends incredibly easily! For the first few days, I just used my fingers to apply and blend this which worked really well. I have started using a brush now though which I do prefer! The brush I use is the Crown blush brush from their HD set. I will definitely be reviewing this brush set soon as I use most of them daily.

I love using cream products and definitely want to find some more! Please let me know if you have any recommendations :)

This blush is available here for £6.99.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Deborah Milano BB Cream

Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and enjoying the little bit of sun we finally have in the UK! You may have seen my recent review on the Deborah Milano Mascara* which I absolutely love. I was also kindly sent the BB Cream 5 in 1* to try and I am going to be reviewing that for you today!

If you have read my latest review then you will know that on a daily basis I tend to go for foundations which I can build up to a higher coverage, so I wasn't really sure when I would use the BB Cream. It took me a little while to get round to using it as I always wanted something with a higher coverage. I finally tried it though and have been wearing it a lot since! 

I use my Real Techniques Buffing brush to apply this! The texture is extremely light and it almost feels like water is being buffed into my skin. The consistency isn't too runny or watery at all though, it's just quite thin and feels very hydrating.

As I'm buffing it in, it really doesn't look as though it is providing my skin with much coverage. It just disappears into the skin leaving it looking extremely evened out, flawless and radiant. The coverage is definitely slightly buildable though, but not very much.

This is called a 5 in 1 product as it claims to prime skin, conceal, even out skin tone, moisturise and protect skin. As for priming skin, I actually still use my Laura Mercier primer because I know that just works for me. I can honestly say it does everything else though. I have never used a product before that evens out my skin tone so much whilst still looking so natural as if I don't have any makeup on. My skin definitely feels hydrated when I use this as the texture is so light and moisturising. The cherry on top of the cake is that this contains an SPF 20 so will protect my skin!

Overall I am in love with this BB Cream! I have been using it a lot since I first tried it as it just leaves my skin looking flawless but incredibly natural. I never thought I would enjoy using a BB Cream so much as I do tend to go for full coverage foundations, however this is a fantastic product! I have the colour 00, Fair Rose which is a perfect match for me. I have never found something that matches my skin tone absolutely perfectly - it is basically my skin tone in a bottle, however strange that sounds! :)

This BB Cream is available here for £9.95.

Have you tried any BB creams? I would love to know if there are any you like!

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely day :) It has been sunny and hot recently which is great! Yesterday I even cracked out my bright summer dress which I actually wore in this outfit of the day last year! 

This is just a cheeky little post to say the Cosmo blog awards have now started and it would absolutely mean the world to me if you nominated me! I think the blog awards are such a lovely and fun idea. 

You can nominate my blog if you would like to by clicking here :) I would be under the 'Best New Beauty Blog' category!

I hope you are all well! Thank you so so much if you do nominate me and I hope you are all having a great day :)

Thursday 2 May 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Hello everyone! If you have watched my March Favourites video then you will know that I have been loving my Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation recently.

I love foundations that are slightly glowy but also provide a good amount of buildable coverage. I only own one medium/full coverage foundation which is quite a matte finish so I was on the hunt for a new one!

When I first apply this, it can sit a little on my skin and look slightly thick for the first couple of minutes. After it's been on my skin for a few minutes though, it completely settles in and is left looking really natural, glowy and flawless. It's very light on my skin too so I don't feel as though I'm wearing foundation.

The coverage is very buildable and however much I build it up, the colour never darkens and it never looks or feels thick once it has settled in! It's called a full coverage foundation which it definitely is, but you can just apply a little bit and buff it in to achieve a lighter, medium coverage.

I use a primer with this and also set it with a powder and setting spray. I ran out of my setting spray for a couple of weeks though and this still lasted perfectly all day on my skin without me touching up at all!

I love that this foundation leaves my skin looking healthy, radiant and glowy whilst also looking very natural! This is definitely the best foundation I have and it's really perfect for me.

The colour I have is Soft Ivory which is the perfect shade for me as well. Sometimes I struggle to find foundations pale enough for me but this one is a great match!

Have you tried this foundation? I would love to know what your favourite foundation is :)

This is available here for £33.