Thursday 28 February 2013

No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream

Hello! I hope you're week is going well. When this publishes, I will probably be on the train to Bristol to meet up with the lovely Natalie for some shopping and cake, then we are off to a Benefit event with a group of other bloggers!

The other month I decided to buy a new night cream because I didn't really have one I felt was perfect. My nose is quite oily but I like my night cream to be moisturising and hydrating because, especially in these cold months, I feel the rest of my face needs lots of hydration.

I haven't actually heard a lot about the No7 Beautiful Skin range but I think it looks really lovely, so I decided to buy a moisturiser from there! The one I went for was for Normal/Dry skin.

I absolutely love the packaging of this moisturiser, and everything else in the Beautiful Skin range! The colours are lovely, pretty and cute. I love pretty packaging - it's makes me a lot more likely to buy something and I'm sure a lot of you will feel the same! 

The smell of this cream is what I think of as a typical moisturiser scent. It's very basic - nothing fancy or special which is sometimes quite nice just before bed. I don't like creams that smell too overpowering just before I want to sleep!

I have honestly never felt a softer, lighter cream! When I dip my finger in the pot, I can't even feel the cream beneath it because it's so light! This is such a gorgeous cream and I really enjoy using it. I find it extremely hydrating and moisturising which is perfect for the night time! I don't find it makes my nose too oily at all though - when I wake up in the morning it has all absorbed in and then I cleanse my face anyway.

I really love this cream and will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out! It does exactly what I want from a night cream! It hydrates, moisturises and leaves my skin smooth and soft without being too heavy.

I'm very tempted to try some more from this range! Have you tried anything from No7?

This moisturiser is available here for £13.50.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm

Hello! I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. I bought the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm nearly 6 months ago now, so I thought I would review it for you!

The Charles Worthington Salon At Home range is basically just their more expensive range. All of the products look lovely and sound perfect for my thick, dry hair so I picked a couple up. 

The melting balm is aimed towards dry hair to moisturise and nourish it. You apply it to dry hair, leave it for about 20 minutes and then shampoo and condition as normal. I was expecting the product itself to be creamy and almost buttery in the pot but it is completely the opposite! It is so difficult to get out. If you can see in the photo below, I literally have to scratch at it and (however silly this sounds) it hurts my fingers! It's very solid and does take me quite a while to get out.

Once I rub my hands together to warm it up though, it melts into a lovely oil. You can see some of it already melting in the photo above! I keep this only on the lengths of my hair, not up to the roots because my hair can get greasy. I usually use this when I can leave it on for a long time. The other day I popped this in my hair, tied it in a bun and left it for about 5 hours.

When I rinse this out of my hair, I can instantly feel the difference! I can honestly say, no hair mask/treatment has ever left my hair feeling so soft, light, bouncy and incredible as this does!

When my hair is feeling dry and in need of some moisture, this is my favourite, go to product that I can rely on to add some nourishment and hydration into my hair.

My only negative, like I said earlier, is that it is so solid and difficult to get out of the pot! It is completely worth that though because it leaves my hair feeling unbelievably soft.

I am utterly useless at remembering to use hair masks/treatments so I definitely don't use this as often as I should. It is so amazing though that it makes me want to use it a lot more than I would usually remember, so I probably end up using it a couple of times per month!

I also bought the Moisture Seal Overnight Healer at the same time and gave it to my mum for Christmas! She has let me use it quite a lot though so I will be reviewing that soon too if you would like.

The melting balm is available here for £16.99. (Currently cheaper though as it's 1/3 off!)

Have you tried anything from the Salon At Home range? I would love to know what you think!

Friday 22 February 2013

Advertising on Beauty Becky

Hello! As you may know, since January I have been offering free blog button swaps on my blog. I have had 15 buttons in my sidebar in exchange for those lovely bloggers popping my button in their sidebar for the month. This has been a lot more popular then I had expected which is amazing so thank you!

I have now decided that I am going to start offering advertising and this will replace the free blog button swaps!

Advertising is something that I have been thinking about offering for quite a while and I just feel now is the right time! I advertise with blogs every month and find it so fun and incredibly helpful. I am really excited to now start offering it on my blog to all my amazing readers!

I have free blog button swaps already planned for March so April will be the first month of advertising. You can start booking now if you would like to!

I have a page above (Advertising/PR) where you can see all of the packages I will offer! I have decided to offer 4 packages so hopefully there will be something for everyone that is interested! I'm also not going to be charging very much to start with.

I will be offering 20% discount for advertising in April so if you would like to be one of the first to advertise with me and save some money then click here!

I may also have a little jiggle about with my sidebar ready for April so advertisers buttons can be further up the top!

I hope you are all having an amazing Friday and looking forward to the weekend! I am off to a bloggers meetup tomorrow (my first one!) and I am so so excited!

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Rosie Forrest Jewellery

Hello! The other week I was sent some handmade jewellery from Rosie and it is all absolutely gorgeous so I thought I would write a review for you! I wasn't sent this specifically to review, Rosie sent me the jewellery and just said any feedback is welcome and I thought it would be lovely to write a review.

Everything was packaged amazingly! I feel it really does make a huge difference when you can tell someone has taken the time to package things nicely. I was sent four bracelets and one pair of earrings. I did tell Rosie before she sent anything that I don't have my ears pierced but she was lovely enough to send earrings anyway so I could see what they are like and then I could give them as a gift to someone! They are lovely red teardrop earrings* which you can slightly see in the bottom left of the photo above, however there aren't any more photos of them as I didn't want to take them out of their packet if I will be giving them away.

This first bracelet is my favourite! It is a lovely cream with purple flowers and green leaves. The beads are lovely little oval shapes and it feels really good quality! It does up with a clasp and there are seven different hoops you can do it up on to make it bigger or smaller. (Hopefully that makes sense!) I can't actually find this for sale on her eBay shop, but I will link the shop below so you can have a little look yourself! UPDATE: It is now available! Yay, you can click here to see it.

The second bracelet is another clasp one. This is made up of white, cream, pale pink and rosey gold coloured pearly beads. In the middle is a beautiful pink heart which I absolutely love. It just adds something extra and a little bit unique to a pearly bracelet. This one only has one hoop to do it up on which means it is only one size. 

Clasp bracelets are definitely my favourite type of bracelet! I'm not very good at doing them up though so I do them up first and then just slip them onto my wrist which is what I do with these!

Next are these two lovely rose stretch bracelets*. The left one is my favourite out of the two as it is a pretty pink colour with gold roses on each bead. The right one is a mix of blue, purple and pink colours which all look great together! I love that the beads on both of these bracelets are not one solid colour - they are slightly transparent and reflective.

As well as the jewellery, Rosie was kind enough to also send me three handmade lavender bags* which I love! They smell amazing and I have had them for a couple of weeks now and they still smell just as lovely! The stripe and floral pattern on the material is so pretty and I was thinking of popping these in my sock drawer but I would love to keep them out on show!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! If you are interested in any of these lovely things then I would definitely recommend having a little look at Rosie's eBay shop. She is also on Twitter here if you have any questions for her!

Which is your favourite bracelet? I love jewellery so please let me know if you have any recommendations for other jewellery brands!

Sunday 17 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Review and Swatches

Hello! I am sure you have all heard of the Rimmel Apocalips by now and if you have watched my previous videos then you will have seen me mention the three I bought! I went into town a day or two after they were released and my Boots wasn't selling them yet so I picked two up from Superdrug. About a week later I popped back into Boots and they had them so I bought another one!

The Rimmel Apocalips are a lipgloss, lipstick, lip stain hybrid and they are fantastic! On a daily basis I tend to just wear a tinted lip balm or lipstick as I don't like anything too fussy so I was interested to try these!

They are so easy and lovely to apply which is great. They have a sponge applicator which collects a lot of product so you only need a couple of sweeps of this across your lips for it to be opaque. When I first used them I honestly couldn't believe how pigmented they were and how much product transfers onto the lips from just one sweep!

The formulation is incredibly creamy and shiny. I apply lip balm before these and then apply one of these over the top and that is my lips completed for the day! I don't have to top up the colour of these at all and my lips stay nice and moisturised all day. These products don't moisturise or hydrate my lips themselves but they don't dry them out either!

When I first apply these they are unbelievably shiny and glossy! The glossiness of them does reduce throughout the day so you will need to reapply them if you want your lips to stay shiny. I don't tend to because the colour stays just as vibrant all day and even when they become more matte, they still look lovely and are not drying!

The colours I bought are Luna, Celestial and Big Bang. Luna is a gorgeous peach colour and I don't own any other colours like it! Most peaches I own are quite pinky toned whereas this one is a true peach with slight orange tones to it! Celestial is the perfect everyday shade! It's a lovely natural rose, pink colour. Big Bang is an incredible red! I love red lips and the sponge applicator makes applying it very easy with no need for a brush or lip liner. Also, the sponge collects a lot of product in it meaning I have bright red, opaque, glossy lips after a couple of sweeps!

My favourite for everyday is definitely Celestial! The colour is perfect for daytime and I find it to be a lot smoother and creamier than the others. Luna tends to sit on any dry patches a little bit more than the others for some reason. As you can probably see, Big Bang is definitely the glossiest which I love when I want to go for a bold, bright lip!

These are available here for just £5.99 each!

Have you tried the Rimmel Apocalips? I would love to know which other colours you would recommend!

Thursday 14 February 2013

My Spring/Summer Wish List

Sponsored Post

Hello! I hope you are all having a great week! I thought today I would write a wish list type post because I always love reading other people's wish list posts but I have never written one of my own! This is going to be products that I think would be great to have for the Spring/Summer season.

If you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen that I went to Cribbs Causeway shopping with my mum on Monday. In John Lewis I found this bag and I fell in love with it! I didn't buy it but I am definitely going to! I went to Exeter John Lewis yesterday and thought I might buy it then but they didn't have it!

This is the John Lewis Collection Weekend bag and it's so pretty! I think it would be perfect for the Summer time as the colour is a lovely light pink and it's the perfect size. It looks quite small compared to bags I use now but it is actually quite deep as it has three compartments which means it's still very roomy! Each of the three compartments are pretty big as well which is great. I also saw they have it in navy which would be lovely for Winter! I probably don't need both though..!

You may already know this but a Michael Kors watch has been on my wish list for a very long time now! My current watch is a rose gold, chunky watch and I don't wear it on a daily basis, but I'm sure if I got a Michael Kors watch I would definitely wear it everyday!

This watch is the Michael Kors MK5757 watch and I love it. I love watches with links that are slightly chunky but still feminine and this is perfect! I think rose gold is such a gorgeous colour and especially in the Summer time as it makes me look slightly more tanned which is a huge bonus as I don't tan at all! Honestly, I think this watch is something I would love Summer or Winter but I think the colour is especially summery! 

Lastly I thought I would include some jewellery! The only jewellery I wear on a daily basis is bracelets and I really want to start wearing more. I bought some rings from Topshop the other day which I couldn't find online to include in this post but I bought 4 for £1.50 so I thought even if I don't wear them it doesn't really matter! They're quite big though and nearly fall off!

I love the bunting/triangle jewellery that seems to be about recently and I have a couple of pieces on my wish list! I think Primark do necklaces similar to the one above but this one is the Asos Bunting Necklace and I really like it! The triangles are cut out which makes it look almost quite dainty and not chunky and massive!

I have been looking at this triangle ring set from Forever21 for a little while now and I think they are so sweet! You get three rings, one in silver, gold and rose gold (Yay, rose gold!). I think these are really pretty and like the necklace, not too chunky and big but still statement enough!

I hope you have enjoyed my first little wish list post! Please let me know below if you own any of these items or what is on your wish list at the moment!

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush in Santa Rose

Hello! If you read my 'What I Got For Christmas' post then you will have seen I received a Rimmel blush in Santa Rose. I had seen a couple of reviews of this and thought it looked a lovely colour so I popped it on my Christmas list.

The packaging of this blush isn't very luxurious but it feels very sturdy which is great! It seems perfect for travelling as it's slim, small and the lid shuts very securely!

I absolutely love the colour of this blush - it is perfect! It's a peachy, rose colour that manages to leave my skin looking slightly bronzed as well which means when I use this, I don't need to use a bronzer! I would say it is a lot more peachy, bronzey then it is rosey which I think compliments my pale skin and manages to leave it looking nice and sun kissed.

The blush is lovely and pigmented but not so much that you have to be careful. It blends really nicely and I don't need much of it so I think it will last quite a long time! I have been using it a lot since Christmas and there isn't a dip in the blush at all and the Union jack design is still there!

I don't reapply any makeup throughout the day and this doesn't seem to fade at all which is great!

I think there are only five colours available which isn't a lot but please let me know if you have tried any other colours that you would recommend! This is available here for £3.99!

I would also like to say hello and a huge thank you to any of my new followers! I seem to have gotten quite a lot over the past week or so which has made me so happy, so thank you to everyone that follows me. I hope you are all having a lovely day!

Saturday 9 February 2013

50 Facts About Me!

Hello! I have seen a lot of 25, 50 and 100 fact posts on blogs and Youtube lately and thought I would write one of my own! I started off planning to write a 100 fact post but only got to about 70 and couldn't think of any more! Haha, so I cut it down to 50. I hope you enjoy this and please let me know in the comments if you have written one!

1. I used to eat at least one bar of chocolate a day - sometimes it was three or four! I would not be able to justify that to myself now!
2. I can't whistle
3.  My favourite colour used to be yellow - my bedroom walls were yellow and I wanted a yellow carpet
4. I have three bracelets which I love and wear everyday
5. I told my parents about my blog when I reached 1 follower and they are extremely supportive and excited about it
6. Pasta is my favourite food and I eat it for lunch most days!
7. My feet are a size 5
8. I don't have many close friends but the ones I do have are the best
9. I love planning and have to plan things really early in advance
10.I have had a Fred and Ginger calender for the past 3 years and I love them
11. I walk quite quickly and go out for a brisk 2 hour walk per day
12. Dairy foods give me headaches so I try and avoid them (except cheese - YUM!)
13. For breakfast I eat one Weetabix with hot milk and have done since I first started eating proper food as a child
14. For years I used to wake up every morning at 6am with no alarm
15. I am extremely pale and a lot of brands don't do foundations/concealers pale enough for me
16. I go through perfumes ridiculously quickly
17. I get very excited over little things
18. I love walking!
19. I have no piercings - I did have my ears pierced but let them grow over a few years ago
20. Every Saturday in my lunch break I meet my parents and we go for lunch together
21. When this publishes, I am in Bath with my mum looking around a makeup school!
22. I used to have my hair highlighted blonde

23. My scalp can be quite sensitive so have to be careful with what shampoos I use
24. I have lived in the same house all of my life
25. I am an only child
26. I am constantly on the search for my perfect hairdresser and have probably been to every salon in my town
27. Every evening I have to sit down with my parents for a chat because I just love talking to them about anything and everything!
28. The latest I ever get up is 10am otherwise I feel I have wasted my day
29. My parents read all of my blog posts and watch my videos which I love!
30. My name is spelt Rebeccah and a lot of people think that is a strange spelling or think I have spelt it wrong!
31. I love making lists
32. Once I find a food I like, I eat it most days until I get bored with it and don't like it any more. I am currently in love with Chicken Tikka!
33. I want to go to America and Australia one day - they are my top choices for holidays!
34. Christmas is my favourite time of year but Summer is my favourite season because I love sunny holidays and it's my birthday!
35. I wore braces for about one year
36. I love where I live
37. I find it annoying when shops don't sell clothes in my size
38. When I was younger I used to go on holiday with my parents to the same camp site in Cornwall for years and I loved it!
39. I have 3 cats and the eldest one I have had since I was 5!
40. All that I drink is water apart from the occasional hot chocolate. I am quite good and drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day
41. I have been best friends with my best friend for 7 years
42. I always get a Valentines card from my parents
43. When I was 4 I was a star in a school nativity play and had to stand through the whole show with my arms out like a star
44. I am always paranoid when I text/tweet/email people that they will think I am being annoying and want me to stop messaging them
45. I wear fluffy socks pretty much everyday
46. I love painting my nails but I hate having to remove nail polish so usually let it chip off!
47. I am a very positive person and always see the good in things. I am regularly referred to as the smiley, happy girl
48. I have been trying to get my bedroom how I want it for ages - it's currently just a mish mash of things
49. I used to get bullied in Secondary school - not really badly, but enough. I only started wearing makeup because a girl in Secondary school called me ugly for not wearing any
50. I practically live in leggings and ankle boots

I really hope you have enjoyed this post! I know there are a lot of them about at the moment but hopefully you feel like you know me a little bit better now!

Thursday 7 February 2013

January Favourites!

Hello! I have decided that from now on I am probably going to film my monthly favourites instead of writing a blog post about them. It will depend on how many favourites I have had that month - I wont film a video with only 3 favourites! Haha, from now on though I am likely to just make them into videos because I love filming videos! I hope you don't mind and I thought I would just write this post to let you know! 

In future months I will probably just upload the video and not write an accompanying blog post so you may be wondering where my monthly favourites have gone, which is why I thought I would let you know now!

This month I had quite a few favourites so if you would like to watch my video then I will link it here and make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any future monthly favourites videos!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I have only been filming videos for about one month now and I am absolutely LOVING it! I really hope you love them too! You can watch this video (and all of my others) here.

Monday 4 February 2013

Bobbi Brown Brushes

Hello! I have been loving Bobbi Brown products recently and especially their makeup brushes! Just before Christmas I bought myself the Powder Brush and Foundation brush and I thought I would do a review of these as I have now been using them for a while.

The Bobbi Brown Powder Brush is amazing and is honestly the BEST makeup brush I have ever used! It is easily the softest brush I own and I have used this everyday since I bought it.

I find it applies my face powder amazingly well whether I want to sweep, buff or push powder onto my skin. The only bad thing about this brush is that I do find it sheds a little bit. It's not everyday I use it and when it does shed it's only a little bit, so I don't mind too much!

I am very tempted to buy another one of these and start using it for my bronzer too!

I also bought the Foundation Brush which I have been using not quite everyday, but almost! I did mention this in my Favourite Foundations and Foundation Brushes video.

I don't usually like traditional, flat foundation brushes, however this one is lovely to use. It doesn't feel as much like I am 'painting' foundation onto my face like other flat foundation brushes can. It is very soft which means it blends foundation very easily and flawlessly.

I use this with my Bobbi Brown Long Wear Foundation and I find the two together leave my skin looking flawless and my foundation lasts all day!

I absolutely love both of these brushes and I am already looking at which Bobbi Brown brushes I can buy next! I do think they are pretty pricey but now I have tried them, I definitely think they are worth it.

These are available here.

Have you tried any Bobbi Brown brushes? What is you favourite makeup brush brand?