Friday 22 February 2013

Advertising on Beauty Becky

Hello! As you may know, since January I have been offering free blog button swaps on my blog. I have had 15 buttons in my sidebar in exchange for those lovely bloggers popping my button in their sidebar for the month. This has been a lot more popular then I had expected which is amazing so thank you!

I have now decided that I am going to start offering advertising and this will replace the free blog button swaps!

Advertising is something that I have been thinking about offering for quite a while and I just feel now is the right time! I advertise with blogs every month and find it so fun and incredibly helpful. I am really excited to now start offering it on my blog to all my amazing readers!

I have free blog button swaps already planned for March so April will be the first month of advertising. You can start booking now if you would like to!

I have a page above (Advertising/PR) where you can see all of the packages I will offer! I have decided to offer 4 packages so hopefully there will be something for everyone that is interested! I'm also not going to be charging very much to start with.

I will be offering 20% discount for advertising in April so if you would like to be one of the first to advertise with me and save some money then click here!

I may also have a little jiggle about with my sidebar ready for April so advertisers buttons can be further up the top!

I hope you are all having an amazing Friday and looking forward to the weekend! I am off to a bloggers meetup tomorrow (my first one!) and I am so so excited!


  1. Good luck with it and let me know how you get on x

  2. What a good idea! I haven't got PayPal yet, I'm too young! But can't wait till I'm old enough!


    1. Hehe yay it will be good when you can get it :) xx


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