Wednesday 15 May 2013

Meet My Advertisers | May

Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today I am going to introduce you to my May advertisers. You will remember a few of them from last month and there are also a few new, fantastic blogs advertising with me! I hope you enjoy finding some new blogs to read and make sure you pop over and say hello to them!

If you would like to advertise with me next month then you can click here for more information :)

Albertine advertised on my blog last month and I am so glad she is here again! Her blog is truly fantastic :) There is such a range of posts so there is sure to be something for everyone! I really enjoy sitting down and having a nice long read through her blog and I always end up with new products on my wishlist! Albertine is actually blogging everyday throughout May which I think is fab so make sure you go and have a read! I love that even though she is posting everyday, her blog posts are all still so interesting, detailed and fantastic quality :)

Liv also advertised with me last month so I'm hoping you know her! I love having a long read through her blog as I feel we both have similar taste in beauty and fashion, so it's great reading which products she recommends! Liv's photos are all fantastic and lately she has been photographing products outside in the sun which I love :) Some of her posts are quite long, but I love that as they are so easy to read and she goes into so much detail which makes them so interesting and helpful to read! I would definitely recommend sitting down with a cup of tea as once you start to read her blog, you will want to read it all!

Bolly's blog is a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. She has quite a lot of lifestyle, personal posts which I really like as you really feel like you are getting to know her! Recently she posted an advice post on how to help dry lips which is fab and I am definitely going to be trying some of the tips she suggested :) Her posts are interesting and she has some really good advice!

Nicola advertised with me last month and I really love her blog! Her posts always include lots of photos which is great as you get to see the product in detail :) Lately she has posted quite a few nail polish posts which I really enjoy reading! I tend to get stuck in quite a rut with nail polish so it's great to see her collections and discover some new ones! Nicola is a lovely girl and it really comes through in the way she writes :)

Beca's blog has a range of beauty and lifestyle posts and I really enjoy reading them all! Lately she wrote a 'Life is too short' post with some quotes which I loved reading as I love quotes :) This blog is truly fantasic and I love reading it! She swatches everything that she reviews and her posts are incredibly detailed and honest! Beca also has a blog sale currently with some fab bits and bobs left, so definitely have a look at that :)

Becki's blog posts tend to be quite long which is lovely as I feel her personality really shines through in them :)  The way she writes is lovely and makes it so easy and enjoyable to read her blog! Her photos are edited so they all look really pretty and unique! I love sitting down and having a nice long read of her blog as her posts are all such a joy to read :)

Those are all of my May advertisers! I hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope you enjoy these lovely blogs :) I am so glad I have found them as I love them all!

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  1. thanks lovely for the kind words!xx

  2. Ooh some new blogs to check out yay xx

  3. hi becky! i emailed you regarding the blog design! do reply! thank you! :) i could send you the email another time if you like!

    1. Hello :) Ooh I will check my emails now! xx

  4. Thanks Becky! You're literally the sweetest.

    CurlandPearls | Bloglovin’

    1. Aww thank you :) You are very welcome! xx

  5. I nominated you to versatile blogger award

  6. Hey! Found you on BBunite blog hop page. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!!

    Robyn viav x vintageisavirtue blog


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