Friday 3 January 2014

MaryJane Fashion

I am definitely getting into fashion a lot more since I started blogging. My blog mainly started as a beauty blog, however I am starting to do outfit posts and write about fashion more often now! I find it really inspiring and I love seeing all the new trends.

Recently I discovered Mary Jane fashion and their clothes look lovely! They pride themselves on offering a vast collection of fashion, including the latest trends and mens fashion.

I am constantly wearing tights with skirts or dresses lately, however when I want to change it up, I always go for skinny jeans or leggings as I find them so comfy and easy to wear.

They have a great range of skinny jeans online which are such a good price! I usually go for black or acid wash jeans and their blue acid wash jeans look exactly like something I would wear. In the description of the item, they even give you ideas of which clothes you could pair them with.

There are some lovely cute printed leggings from MaryJane fashion. They have a huge variety, ranging from velvet, tartan, floral and even disco style leggings! I was so tempted to try disco pants for a very long time, however they are quite pricey, so these would be a great way to try out something similar.

My favourite leggings may have to be the velvet ones I put in the photo above. I have a velvet skirt and I love it, so it would be great to have more velvet items in my wardrobe! The ones above are high-waisted because I think they would be more comfortable and flattering, however they have a non high-waisted version too.

There is one high-street store in Bolton High Street, however if you spen£25 online, you receive free delivery which is brilliant!

I would love to know your favourite places to shop for clothes online.

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  1. I was quite impressed with the MaryJane website, so many great items x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

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