Friday 1 June 2012

Essie Fiji

I went into Boots today and bought Essie Fiji. As soon as I got home I painted my toes with it and I absolutely love it. It is a pale creamy pink that can almost look white. I absolutely love the colour - it looks minimal and lovely on the nails and it also made me looked quite tanned. I put this on my toes as I get Shellac on my finger nails. The brush is a new wider brush which meant that I only needed a few strokes to cover my whole nail and it didn't leave any streaks. I only needed one coat of this for it to be opaque which is great. 

I know this was only a short post but I really love this nail polish and wanted to write about it!

What is your favourite nail polish? Have you tried any of the Essie nail polishes?


  1. Oh wow I love the look of that! I have never tried any Essie polishes but I think I may have to soon! Favourite nail polish is Basil Street by Nails Inc, and as a brand I love Barry M :) x

    1. Thank you! This is my first Essie polish and I want them all now! Just googled the Nails Inc one and it looks lovely - may have to try that out.

  2. I want this one! :D



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