Friday 19 October 2012

Next Beauty Blogger Event

Hello! So the other day I was invited to my first event which was the Next Beauty Blogger Event, however unfortunately I was unable to attend! I was disappointed but luckily I was emailed with some fab photos, information and press release documents about the products!

I have looked through all the products and thought I would let you know which ones I am looking forward to seeing!

The first product is the Cashmere perfume. I have actually already smelt this a couple of times and it is gorgeous! Their perfumes are really good prices as well which is great. I have just been told that there is a whole Cashmere range! They have gift sets with body lotions, body washes and even lip balms as well! I will definitely be trying some of these. You can find these here.

The products I am most looking forward to seeing are the City Collection fragrances. They are a quartet of scents and each fragrance represents a great fashion city in the world.

I haven't smelt any of these fragrances yet but I am so excited to! They all sound incredible.

Milan has top notes of melon and green apple so it's very fruity. The heart notes are floral with magnolia, violet along with a woody base. This fragrance is confident and captures the fast paced Italian city. 

London has top notes of lychee and citrus. The heart notes are rose, peony and cedar wood which makes this fragrance individual and creative.

New York has notes of orange blossom and jasmine making it elegant and floral.

Paris has notes of orchid, jasmine, ylang ylang, orange blossom and base notes of warm amber which makes it exotic, floral and sensual.

Each of these scents has an eau de parfum from £8, body crème from £8, four reed diffuser set for £18 and a 50 hour candle for £9.

I am a complete lover of candles and especially in the winter, I just love having a candle burning so I am very excited to try some of those! I think the prices are amazing as well meaning I can try more products.

As well as all their own scents and fragrances, Next also stock other great brands which you can find here.

They also do a variety of men's beauty products which is great, especially with Christmas along the way! If you are looking for some fab gift sets and products for Christmas, then have a look here!

Have you tried any of these products yet? I am so excited to try them and it's perfect time to start my Christmas shopping!

All photos are from here. I was given permission to use them. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I got invited to this too, sadface! we could have met! xx

    1. Did you go? Oh that would have been amazing to meet! That's annoying! Haha :) xx

  2. It looks like a great event! xx

    1. It looks amazing! I wish I could have gone :) xx

  3. I love Next prodcuts, and their scents always smell so devine! Looks like a fab event! xx

  4. aw thats so annoying you couldnt go... :( NEXT TIME!

  5. its a shame you couldn't go hopefully you will next time. Ive never been to an event before I love to go just to meet other bloggers (pressed send too quick on my last comment)

    1. Yes it was! Hopefully I can go to another one sometime! It would be amazing to be able to meet lots of other bloggers :) Haha that's okay!

  6. Wow it looks like a great event! =)


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