Friday 5 October 2012

Guest Post - Bourjois Foundations Comparison

Today's post is written by Molly from Beauty Resident!

Hey everyone!

No this isn't Becky, it's Molly, and I run the beautyresident blog, which you can check out here:

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but today, I'm doing this guest post on (the lovely) Becky's blog, and I'm going to give my verdict on the difference(s) between Bourjois' healthy mix foundation and healthy mix serum foundation!

When it comes to skin, I do prefer to go for a slightly more expensive brand, rather than paying around 5-6 pounds for a foundation, I feel the quality of the product generally does get better the more you pay, but I don't want to be spending £30+ on a foundation, because let's be honest, I don't feel the need to! SO for 10-11 pounds, I think Bourjois have set a reasonable price.

original healthy mix foundation - £9.99 for 30ml  @ Superdrug

healthy mix serum - £10.99 for 30ml @ Superdrug

Both bottles have a press down pump, which is average in a drugstore foundation, so I don't really mind. However, I find the orginal healthy mix pump system is totally different, as there is a kind of 'bar' which moves up as the product runs out to show you how much is left, which is a good concept, but it doesn't work that well and I often find that the pump doesn't get any product out for a long time, and in the mornings when I'm doing my makeup, I don't have time to mess around trying to get the product to come out of the pump properly.

The original comes in 8 shades, which isn't a lot, I know, but the shades that they have produced are very good and cover a wide spectrum for different ethnicities. However, shade 51, (the lightest) isn't pale enough to suit very pale people, so I wish there was a shade 50, which was lighter. However, the healthy mix serum only comes in 6 shades, so it's less likely for you to find the perfect match.

I'd say both foundations have a light-medium coverage, however both are very build-able if a heavier application is what you want. The Healthy Mix Serum is more of a gel texture compared to the original foundation, but both are extremely easy to apply, (and blend,) and they both give a radiant glow, but semi-matte, semi-dewy finish.

The Healthy Mix Foundation contains different natural fruit extracts which are:

-apricot for radiance, 
-melon for hydration, 
-apple as an anti-oxidant,
-and ginger for energy. 

The Healthy Mix Serum also uses vitamin rich fruit therapy, like: lychee, goji berries and pomegranate which give an anti-fatigue, radiant effect. They have the same fruity scent which is a dream to apply to the skin,whereas some foundations can smell horrible!

Also, both foundations claim to last for up to 16 hours, which I might be able to make a firm decision on if I ever wore them for that long, but I never have, but I can say they are both fairly long lasting, and they last better on the drier areas of my face, so if you have excessively oily skin, I would recommend either heavily powdering at the beginning of the day, or re-applying half way through the day.

So overall, I prefer the packaging of the healthy mix serum foundation, because it's fuss free and simple to use. Also, I find both have very similar scents and lasting power. And finally, I think the original healthy mix is better because there are more shades and it is at a cheaper price!

So thanks for reading, and check out my blog if you'd like!

Molly xxx

Molly is such a lovely girl so please check out her blog here!


  1. I love my boujois foundation, i have never tried this one though - it sounds great! x

    1. They sound lovely! I have tried the original and am tempted by the serum now :)

  2. I love boujois! Which would you recommend more? The serum, or the foundation?

    1. I have only tried the original Healthy Mix foundation so I can't say! I loved the original though - I accidentally bought it in a shade too dark so don't use it any more but it was lovely :)

    2. Me too! I've heard because it's a serum it stays on for longer? I'm not sure tho x

    3. I don't honestly know! Molly says in this review though that they are both fairly long lasting so maybe it's worth a try :)


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