Sunday 1 July 2012

Topshop and Newlook Haul!

I went into town today and done a little bit of shopping so I thought I would show you what I bought!

The photo above is what I bought from Topshop, (excuse the crinkled bed sheets. I didn't have another white surface to lay the clothes on and whenever I moved them, my sheets would crinkle more!) On the left is a black peplum top. I tried this on a couple of weeks ago but they didn't have my size. When I went in today this was the first thing I looked for and when I saw they had my size, I couldn't resist it. I would suggest trying this on before you buy it because it is quite fitted. I'm usually in between two dress sizes and I had to go for the bigger one because this is fairly tight. It is really flattering on and a lovely shape. The peplum bit goes out around the waist which is flattering. 

Then I bought a grey/white t shirt. I also tried this on a couple of weeks ago but I couldn't decide on the colour because they also do a really pretty mint green one which would be lovely in the summer. I decided to get the grey one because I tend to wear black and grey and I thought it would go with more. The back is longer than the front which is great because it covers your bum which I like if I'm wearing leggings. It's a really casual fit and it hangs really nicely.

Lastly from Topshop I bought a black skater skirt. This is just a casual jersey skirt which is a lovely shape. It doesn't go out too much and look poofey but it flares out enough to add some shape. I really love this because it is casual but can also be dressed up to look smart.

Next on to Newlook, (this seems a long post!) I bought a black blazer/jacket which I have wanted for ageees and I was so happy to finally get it. I wanted it quite a long time ago and when I went in to get it they didn't have my size and they only had about 3 left. I thought they were selling them off but then finally they got some more in the other day! I absolutely love this because it is a very very casual blazer. You can dress it up so it looks smart or just casually throw it over some jeans and a top. It's just like a fancy cardigan! The sleeves aren't quite full length and they have really pretty folded detailing on the edge. 

And lastly are some sandals! They look so pretty and they have little knot detailing by the toes which makes them more interesting. I really loved them because they are black which is practical but they also have gold detailing and I thought I would get loads of use from them but I don't like them on. Once I put them on my feet I thought they looked a bit weird and just didn't look great so I think I may end up returning these!

And that is everything!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you bought anything nice recently?

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