Wednesday 28 March 2012

Dior Diorshow New Look Mascara Review

I absolutely love trying out mascaras and I picked up a sample of the Diorshow New Look mascara about a month ago, so I was really excited to try it!

This mascara is named a 'multi-dimensional volume and treatment mascara'. It claims to capture and separate each lash with the nano-brush to enhance volume. The serum treatment thickens and lengthens lashes.

I have never tried a Dior mascara before, so I was looking forward to trying this out.

The brush is plastic which I quite like as it separates each lash effectively. It is quite a small brush which is really nice to use as it is great at catching the shorter lashes in the inner corner and coating the bottom lashes. 

It achieves amazing length and volume and the colour is the blackest of blacks. It is quickly becoming one of my go to mascaras, which is a big statement considering I own quite a lot!

This mascara is pretty pricey at £23 - the most expensive out of all my mascaras, however I would definitely recommend giving this a look next time you pass a Dior counter and see if you can pick up a tester of it because I absolutely love it. Have you tried this mascara? What do you think?


  1. I absolutely love this mascara! What do you think of it ?


  2. I haven’t tried this mascara yet, it’s pricey. :(
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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