Wednesday 21 March 2012

Chanel Perfection Lumiere

The long awaited Chanel foundation was released earlier this year - Chanel Perfection Lumiere. They discontinued Pro Lumiere and Matte Lumiere which I was disappointed about, and I know a lot of other people were as well.

This foundation claims to offer a fluid, lightweight coverage, stay put for 15 hours and provide a radiant yet matte finish.

I had a sample of this foundation and I was eager to try it. When I first applied it, the foundation was quite a heavy coverage and it definately looked like I was wearing foundation. I was expecting it to be very natural and provide a 'no makeup' look, but it didn't. The initial finish of this foundation was matte and it seemed to cling slightly to any dry areas on my face. Throughout the day though, the foundation seemed to settle nicely on my face and looked a lot more natural. The finish didn't stay matte for long, as the natural oils of my face came through to provide a radiant and glowing finish. Overall, I did really like the finish of this foundation once it eventually settled into a really nice radiant look.

The colour range is fantastic! This foundation is available in 23 shades.

I cannot honestly say whether this foundation stayed put for 15 hours as I don't think I ever left it on for that long, but it definately stayed looking perfect all day. 

This foundation is available for £36 from various department stores.

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