Saturday, 8 March 2014

Max Factor Creme Puff

I have mentioned my Max Factor Crème Puff powder a couple of times recently, so thought I would write a full review for you. I received this for Christmas and used it a lot to start with, however it hasn't maintained a permanent place in my everyday makeup routine.
As I have mentioned before, there is quite a strong scent to this. I personally love it and scents don't tend to bother me. Do bear that in mind though if you don't like scented products! I have this in the shade translucent, which does have quite a bit of colour to it. This disappointed me a little, as I am pale and this can go a bit orange on my skin. I don't use too much of this because as well as being a bit dark, it feels very heavy on the skin.
I will keep this, however my favourite powder is still my Rimmel Stay Matte!
What is your favourite face powder? 


  1. I find the same thing happens a lot on my skin as skin is very fair....powders tend to do the same thing....there was one from Rimmel..that I brought...that was really cost something like 4quid...

  2. Never tried this, but I am a huge fan of Benefit Hello Flawless x


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