Sunday 16 December 2012

Week In Instagram Photos #8

Hello! I hope you have all had a lovely week. I have posted quite a lot of photos on Instagram this week compared to usual so I hope you enjoy this post!

Me wearing very natural makeup // What I bought on a shopping day to Exeter with my mum! // Yummy lunch // Bedtime reading. I have read this cover to cover many times! 

All my Christmas gifts are wrapped // Bought a Chanel perfume and it was wrapped beautifully // I think my natural lashes are getting longer // Wearing my new boots out for the first time. 

I put wax from another candle into this one and it looked cool // The tree is ready to decorate! // A pretty decoration we bought for the tree // Yay, the Christmas tree is all decorated!

I have set this post out in a slightly different way to normal by spreading the captions out under every set of photos. Let me know if you like this! I just found otherwise if you wanted to see what the caption was you have to scroll down and then scroll back up to look at the photos!

If you would like to see a haul post or reviews of any products I bought when I went shopping then please do let me know!

I also have a review of the boots I am wearing which you can read here.

One of my next posts up should be my Christmas party outfit! Sorry it is so late but on the night of the party I had no time to take photos so I'm going to dress up again. Hehe!

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  1. I've always wanted a Chanel perfume, maybe one day? I really want to read the make up manual x

    1. I bought No5 and I love it! It smells amazing :) Ooh I would highly recommend the makeup manual! It's probably the best book I have ever bought - I love it :) x

  2. Is the Bobbi Brown book good? The Lauren Conrad one is on my to buy list!

    Beth @

    1. I think it's amazing! I would definitely recommend it - I love it :) Ooh I haven't seen the Lauren Conrad one! Let me know if you buy it and like it xx

  3. Aww I love these photos :) The goodies you picked up look great! Your lashes look fab hun :)


  4. hey, I really liked the layout of the photos, much easier to see whats what

  5. Great photos! Have a nice week



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