Friday 4 April 2014

New skincare additions: Arbonne

I love trying new skincare products, so I thought I would share 2 new products that I have fallen in love with!
The first product is a cleanser from the Arbonne FC5 range. This is a hydrating cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling lovely. I don't like cleansers that foam up as I find them quite drying, so I love that this isn't a foaming cleanser. It is quite a smooth, creamy texture. I just add a  bit of water to this, massage it into my skin and rinse it off with a muslin cloth. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh, hydrated and soft.
The gentle daily moisturiser is from their Calm range. I don't have particularly sensitive skin, however I do like using pure, simple products. None of the Arbonne products are fragranced, so the scent is such a simple, clean smell which I love. This moisturiser sinks in very nicely leaving my skin very smooth, moisturised and soft. It doesn't leave my nose any oiler, whilst really hydrating any dry patches I may have. This may be my new favourite moisturiser!
Have you tried any products from Arbonne? Both of these tubes are 118ml which is such a good size, plus the prices are fab!
Arbonne don't advertise their products - instead they use independent consultants. I love the products and the brand, so I decided to become an independent consultant for them which is so exciting! If you would like any more information on this then please email me and I will be more than happy to help. As an independent consultant, you earn commission on any customers you recommend that buy the products. It's something I am very passionate and excited about!
If you would like to buy anything, you will have to enter a consultant ID number and mine is 441196806.


  1. I am yet to try any Arbonne products. These look great!

    Kristen xox //

  2. These look and sound great. I especially like the sound of the moisturiser and it's not too badly priced for 118ml of product!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  3. I heard of these products recently and I really want to try them because, like you said, they are natural but I have also heard they are cruelty free! Thanks for the review :)


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