Tuesday 14 August 2012

House Of Fraser Blogger Style Challenge

I was contacted yesterday asking if I wanted to take part in the House of Fraser blogger style challenge. As soon as I read the email I knew I wanted to take part! It sounds so fun and I really enjoyed putting together my outfit for the Asos blogger challenge so I knew I would find this just as fun.

I love the brands House of Fraser stock so I loved browsing through all the new arrival clothes and accessories. 

So, onto my outfit! As you can see I stuck with neutral nude and brown shades for the main part of the outfit. I think in the Autumn these colours look really nice and it's great to mix around with different shades and tones of neutral and pair them together.

The top I chose is a beigey nude, grey colour and it is silk at the front. I think this is a lovely top because it's a neutral colour so easy to wear in the day and can be paired with pretty much anything. Also because it's a silk front it makes it a little more special than a regular top so can be worn out in the evenings too.

I chose shorts which I know aren't particularly the bottoms of choice in the autumn (especially in chilly England) but I just love how casual they look and the check print makes them more interesting! They have brown, grey and navy in them which is pretty. I also thought these would look great paired with some black or navy tights if it is too chilly to wear them alone.

The heels I chose are grey and they are a similar shade and colour (just darker) than the top and I also think they bring out the grey colours in the shorts. I love round toe heels and I think they look more casual than pointed toe. 

I chose a bag that sticks to my neutral theme but is a different shade than the other items which I think looks great paired together. I love this bag as it has a shorter handle if you want to carry it on your arm or a longer strap if you want to wear it on your shoulder or across the body.

Finally a bit of colour Becky! I chose a yellow wrap to go over these clothes. In the Autumn it's important to have something warm to snuggle up in and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to add some colour. This yellow isn't sunny and bright, just a bold deeper more Autumn/Winter shade. Having this pop of colour stops the outfit looking so neutral and boring but it's a deep bold shade so it is still Autumn/Winter appropriate - it reminds me of Autumn leaves!

I hope you like this outfit I have put together! I know it's very neutral and grey but I love mixing together different shades of neutral and then having one bold colour.

If you have done this challenge then please link your post in the comments below - I would love to check out your outfit!

You can read all the information about this challenge here.


  1. loved it !
    on style <3


  2. Love all these! Especially the shoes x

    1. Thank you! I love the shoes so much - I am very tempted to buy them :) x

  3. I love it :) adore those shorts! X

    1. Thank you! They are gorgeous - so casual but stylish :) x

  4. Replies
    1. They are so gorgeous! I want them :) Thankyou for commenting x

  5. i awarded you the sunshine award!! go to beautyaddict1997.blogspot.co.uk for the rules!!

  6. Great finds! Love the colors!


    1. Thank you! Me too, they're so autumnal :)

  7. Gorgeous, I love all the colours!

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